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      Zhoushan Zhuo Rong Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.motherland Oriental Pearl-Zhoushan archipelago,is China's largest production base of the screw.Its location and convenient transportation.Over the past decade,the company adhering to the"quality first,credit first"principle,through continuous efforts and innovation in the plastics machinery with a single,twin-screw and barrel production facilities and accessories Our company has a complete product design,machining,quality inspection,after-sales service and a series of production,quality and service system to ensure to provide customers with the perfect product.
      The company specializes in manufacturing various specifications and models of injection molding machines,extruders,chemical fiber,rubber and other products supporting the major components and accessories.Material selection of quality nitrided steel 38CrMoAIA,after quenching and tempering,molding,qualitative,nitrogen(or spray double alloy),grinding,polishing and other refining process,due to the help of high-precision production equipment,integrated water Jobs and advanced production technology,making the company's products with high precision,long life,good abrasion resistance,corrosion resistance,etc.,can substitute the imports.Meanwhile,to meet the different needs of customers,this product also provides a screw,barrel design and implementation of restructuring sample mapping,dual alloy powder restoration,repair worn screw barrel business.
      "Excellent quality,perfect service,the contract and keep credibility"is the company's purpose.Welcome to the new and old customers throughout the inquiry,we are willing to provide you with the best products,the fastest service.
      Look forward to working with you!

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