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11 kinds of common faults and solutions of the extruder
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Extruder common fault about ten one of the following details under ten a fail extremely Remedy:
First, the main motor bearing temperature is too high:
1, causes:
(1) bearings poor lubrication.
(2) serious bearing wear.
2. Reason:
(1) Check and add lubricant. Check the motor bearings, replace if necessary.
Second, the head pressure instability:
1, causes:
(1) The main motor speed is uneven.
(2) feeding the motor speed is uneven, there are fluctuations in the volume of feed.
2, treatment:
(1) Check the main motor control system and bearings.
(2) Check the feed system motor and control system.
Third, the lubricating oil pressure is low:
1, causes:
Lube oil system regulator pressure setting (1) is too low.
(2) oil pump failure or blockage suction pipe.
2, treatment:
(1) Check and adjust the lubricating oil system pressure regulating valve.
(2) Check the oil pump suction pipe.
Fourth, automatic screen changer is slow or ineffective
1, causes:
(1) pressure or low oil pressure.
(2) cylinder (or hydraulic) leakage (or leakage).
2, treatment:
(1) Check for network devices in power systems.
(2) check the cylinder or a hydraulic cylinder sealed case.
Fifth, safety pins or Anquan Jian is cut off
1, causes:
(1) excessive torque extrusion system
(2) The main motor is coupled to the input bearing different heart
2, treatment:
(1) Check whether the metal extrusion systems and other objects into the stuck screw. At the beginning of the occurrence, checks for a warm up time or temperature value meets the requirements.
(2) adjust the main motor
Six out of a sudden drop in the amount of:
1, causes:
(1) Feed hopper system failure or not material.
(2) into the hard stuck screw extrusion system, so that the material can not pass.
2, treatment:
(1) Check the feeding system or hopper material level.
(2) cleaning up extrusion system.
Seven, host current instability
1, for production reasons:
(1) uneven feeding.
(2) Main motor bearing damage or poor lubrication.
(3) certain heater failure, not heated.
(4) Screw adjustment pad right, or phase wrong element interference.
2, treatment:
(1) Check the feeding machine, troubleshooting.
(2) maintenance of the main motor, if necessary, replace bearings.
(3) Check the heater is working properly, replace the heater if necessary.
(4) examine and adjust the pad, pull out the screw to check whether the interference screw.
Eight, the main motor can not start
1, causes:
(1) The startup procedure is wrong.
(2) main motor thread in question, whether the fuse burned ring.
(3) The interlock function associated with the main motor
2, treatment:
(1) inspection procedures, in the correct order to re-drive car.
(2) Check the main motor circuit.
(3) Check the oil pump is started, check the interlock device associated with the main motor of the state. Oil pump does not open, the motor can not be opened.
End (4) induction motor drive is not placed, turn off the main power to wait five minutes after the restart.
(5) Check the emergency button is reset.
Nine, poor or blocked nose discharge
1, causes:
(1) certain heater does not work, poor materials, plastics.
(2) lower operating temperature setting, or broad molecular weight distribution plastics and unstable.
(3) There may not easily melt the foreign body.
2, treatment:
(1) Check the heater and replace if necessary.
(2) verify the paragraphs set temperature, if necessary, in consultation with the craft, increase the temperature setting.
(3) Clean and inspect head extrusion system.
Ten, the main electric start current is too high
1, causes:
(1) heating time enough torque.
(2) certain heater does not operate.
2, treatment:
(1) when driving hand drive cars, if not easy, then extend the heating time or check the segment heaters are working properly.
XI, the main motor unusual sounds:
1, causes:
(1) Main motor bearing damage.
(2) The main motor of a thyristor controlled rectifier circuit damage.
2, treatment:
(1) Replace the main motor bearings.
(2) Check the thyristor rectifier circuit, if necessary, replace thyristors.

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