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Screw extruder
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Why is this three-screw extruder has such a strong plastics dispersion function? This is because the equilateral triangle arrangement of three screws in the center section to form a closed space, since the thread element is a three-headed, when the screw one revolution, big change at any cross-section of the screw, the center section of the area would be small change three times, such as 0 °when the area becomes a minimum interval of rotation 60 ° maximum, then gradually reduced back to 120 ° at a minimum, so the cycle, such as a screw-necked ratio of 30, when a screw speed of 500 rev / min , changes per minute 30 × 3 × 500 = 45000 times, i.e., 45,000 times the pressure pulsation. Open nose can see the material was 15 mm in diameter around the small spherical (like candied fruit) continuous extrusion.

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