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Rubber extruder screw configuration and automatic generation system
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In the rubber industry, the screw extruder is a very important processing equipment. Screw extruder is as its core component - extrusion screw configuration of development and development, so screw configuration study is one of the hot-screw extruder research. This paper analyzes the characteristics of various screw configuration, based on the screw configuration were analyzed. Analysis of the various extrusion screw configuration mechanism, the main role, advantages and disadvantages; analyze the effects of various screw configuration of the extrusion process. Different configurations of the screw of work and impact on the extrusion process, will be conducive to further optimize the design of the screw, and screw the new development, which is conducive to the development of rubber industry; and different configurations of the structural characteristics of the screw Research is the foundation of rubber screw dedicated CAD system development. Optimization is the base rubber screw dedicated CAD system design features. Currently rubber machinery for CAD use of some simple secondary development in AutoCAD or PRO-E, this development is based on a structured basis, not only the very poor can not be reused deep development, but also difficult to meet the complex the diverse needs of the system, it is difficult to achieve expansion and reuse, it is difficult to solve special rubber mechanical design CAD system across processes, the problem of cross-platform migration and other aspects of distributed applications. To solve these problems, system selection and system design pattern reusability and scalability will become the key to the system design. And now offers a variety of design patterns to subtly reusable software objects, from the perspective of the top design software architecture; COM-based component object model can achieve based on the binary executable code level compatible with a variety of forms, so it is Good to reuse. Based on COM Component Object Model is to achieve a rubber-specific CAD systems "practical way." On the basis of the different screw configuration studies, the rubber extruder screw CAD parametric design features, the use of C ++ object-oriented development language, and COM components using a rubber extruder screw automated generation as a functional unit system design, the system can facilitate the realization of future expansion and code reuse, and for implementing distributed applications, which greatly improves the efficiency of development. Finally, on the Visual C ++ 6.0 development platform, under the guidance of "practical way" thinking, COM completed the development of a "rubber screw automated generation system" based on.

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